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About Us

“Pawsitively is not about another off-the-shelf program; it’s about what can be done on a daily basis to improve the lives of kids.  My passion and desire is to empower teachers and inspire students through an easy, all inclusive, fun curriculum.” Rhonda-Founder and CEO

Why Pawsitively?

Our mission is to provide unique and innovative canine inspired curricula with the sole purpose of helping students acquire and effectively apply the social emotional knowledge and skills necessary to be more successful in school and in life.

We’re committed to social emotional education, student success, and know that the future depends on a commitment to supporting the social emotional growth of our children. Pawsitively SEL Curriculum is the place to start!

Based on CASELs five core competencies of self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, relationship skills and responsible decision-making, the Pawsitively Curriculum is one of the few elite curricula that allows for explicit instruction of social emotional skills.

Our curriculum provides teachers the opportunity to use explicit instruction in fundamental social and emotional lessons that help students cope with interpersonal problems throughout life.

We understand how busy teachers are so we created lessons and activities that are integrated with ELA standards and heavy in literacy, which makes the Curriculum pawsitively perfect to be taught in the ELA classroom. This means teachers don’t have to add any extra time in their day to address SEL. It is a win-win for both teachers and students.

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“Over the last year, I have considered several curricula for teaching social skills to students in my school district. This program is, by far, the most well-designed, comprehensive, and teacher-friendly curriculum that I have reviewed. It could be easily implemented in a variety of instructional contexts, including a Tier I PBIS intervention.”Tobey Shaw ~ Assistant Director Special Education

Why Dogs?

Grounded in behavioral science and inspired by the unconditional love we have for canines, we’ve discovered something that can be a fantastic resource for educators and students of all ages. We believe that each and every day we’re missing out on what our canine friends can teach us and believe it’s time we take notice!

Pawsitively is built on a respect and deep love for children and dogs. We think the two are a pretty powerful pair, especially when we can harness the love for canines and use it to teach SEL skills in a fun and easy way! Research suggests that when animals are involved in education, even in vicarious ways, they provide a trusting, empathetic environment where students feel safe to open their hearts and minds to learn and share sensitive issues in ways that they might not otherwise do, all while growing their social emotional intelligence.