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The Best Solution To Your SEL Needs!

Imagine a world where kids were socially and emotionally intelligent. Where they could manage their emotions, understand and practice empathy, self-regulate, have healthy relationships and make responsible decisions.
Our team at Pawsitively SEL believes in this type of world and our ability to grow it together.

“I finally found a program where I can explicitly teach SEL concepts to my students without adding anything to my day.  Lessons are easy to use and super engaging.  My students love their Pawsitively time.”

-3rd grade teacher

Why Use Our Curriculum?

We understand how busy teachers are so we’ve created lessons and activities that are integrated with ELA Common Core Standards. The Pawsitively Curriculum is ideal for the ELA classroom and can be utilized as a PBIS Tier 1 Intervention.

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Why Canines?

Grounded in human-animal bond research, vicariously using canines to teach social and emotional skills through stories, pictures, and videos, cultivates a calm and nurturing classroom climate and is successful in eliciting empathy, one of the most important social emotional skills.

Why Social Emotional Learning?

Research substantiates that students who have the opportunity to build healthy social and emotional skills experience greater success in life, stronger relationships, improved academic success and better behavior.

“The Pawsitively Curriculum addresses social emotional learning (SEL) competencies, while still addressing the Common Core State Standards. This engaging and relevant curriculum would be an ideal and meaningful PBIS Tier I intervention for any middle school student population.”

-D. M. Coordinator, Academic Support and Achievement Program 

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